Healing Trauma discussion group

Healing Trauma discussion group

04 April 2022
7.00 pm - 9.00 pm

Healing Trauma with Janina Fisher: Essential Strategies for Shame, Self-Loathing & Working with the Body

Trauma burns wounds deep within our clients.  Shame stops them from ever finding relief.  After living through a traumatic experience, they feel ashamed of their bodies’ natural response to survive.  They learn to accept feelings of hopelessness, submission and self-hatred as simply a part of who they are. Although the traumatic event may have ended, the scars remain.

Using the knowledge and tools gathered during 30+ years’ experience working with trauma and shame, Janina Fisher covers:

  • How to understand the effects of shame and trauma from a neurobiological perspective
  • Proven treatment modalities such as Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
  • Essential strategies including working with the body

This Blended PF CPD involves:

  1. PESI Healing Trauma course.  Three one-hour on-demand video-based sessions delivered by Janina Fisher, which can be viewed at any time that is convenient to you. Free of charge.   
  2. A one-hour live Q&A session with Janina Fisher on Thursday 31 March
  3. PF peer discussion group at 7.00pm on Monday 4 April, via Zoom

Exclusive to PF Counsellors