Receptionist Feedback

The reasons why people volunteer as a Receptionist at the PF are many and varied.  Some recent comments Receptionists have made about volunteering in this role include…

“I’ve been volunteering at PF for just over a year now and I love it!  I really should include my husband here and say ‘we’ have been volunteering as he comes to pick me up every second Wednesday evening!   My fortnightly foray into Morningside has very quickly and naturally become part of my routine. I enjoy the change and the structure that it provides.   That the office staff and Counsellors at PF are friendly and welcoming goes without saying.  The organisation is underpinned by a feeling of mutual respect and the shared goal of providing an essential service to people who need a little extra support.  I’m proud to be able to be part of a team that can help realise that goal.”


“I have been involved with the PF for 2 years now and have found that my role of evening receptionist beautifully compliments my role of counsellor – it has given me greater insight into the workings of a counselling agency and into the needs and requirements of all those involved.  As a result I feel better able to support my clients but also find that I appreciate further the complexity of boundaries and contracting.  Its a pleasure to work with so many different people at the PF and to exchange experiences and information, as well as to have the opportunity to soak up the calm and serene atmosphere that continuously seems to exist here!”