Make a Donation

Make a Donation

PF Counselling is dependent on cash donations, large and small, from individuals and organisation. Please help if you can.

Your financial contribution, however small or large, will make a difference.

Counselling at the PF is always offered on the basis of voluntary donations by the client, according to their own assessment of what they can offer. Our aim is to provide quality counselling which is available to all members of the community and which is affordable to everyone. We are also always striving to improve the service that we offer to our clients and volunteers.

Most private counselling typically costs around £50 for each session. However, many of our clients are unable to pay our suggested minimum contribution of £15 per session. Our policy of never turning anyone away because of financial limitations means we are always left with a funding gap to bridge. We do not receive any continuous funding from outside sources and rely solely on our own fundraising efforts and client donations, as well as the generosity of individuals who decide to give to the PF either on a one-off or regular basis.

Make a One-Off Donation

PF Giving Guide

Please consider making a donation to support access to counselling for those on limited means.

We need:

£9 a day for the little things that matter – water, tissues, etc.
£11 a week for tea and biscuits to sustain our volunteers.
£15 a day to pay the electricity and gas bills etc.
£110 a month to keep in touch – stamps, internet, etc.
£262 a day to pay a small but efficient staff team
£400 a year for staff training and development
£750 a month to maintain and improve our premises for clients
£1,200 to produce print materials each year
£2,400 to provide ongoing CPD training for our volunteers
£3,200 a month to provide professional supervision to our counsellors

Download Our Giving Guide

You can download a PDF document giving information about Giving to the PF by clicking here.

Make a Regular Donation

If you would like to support the PF on a regular basis then you may wish to consider giving an amount every month, quarter or year. This is really helpful to us in meeting our regular financial needs.

Consider Including the PF as a Beneficiary of Your Will

Many people who have benefited from the work of a charity choose to leave them a legacy in their Will. Such donations are exempt from Inheritance Tax and so can be very ‘tax efficient’. You can read more about this in our Giving Guide.

Gift Aid

Any UK taxpayer who makes a donation towards our work can increase their donation without it costing them any extra! We can reclaim the income tax which you have already paid on the donation amount by utilising the Gift Aid Scheme. Since the current basic rate of income tax is 20% we are able to claim back 25p for every £1 donated.

To maximise your donation in this way, you need to complete a brief and simple Gift Aid Declaration Form. You can fill in the Gift Aid form by clicking here, or download it as part of our Giving Guide. You can also contact the office to request one be sent to you.