Countertransference – The Lived Experience

Countertransference – The Lived Experience

23 February 2020
10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Facilitated by Judith Fewell

In this workshop we will explore our experiences of countertransference: those complex, unconscious and conscious ways in which our clients communicate with us. How they move us, touch us, and get inside us.

This can feel wonderful, like we know we are doing a good job, and it can be overwhelming and confusing. Or indeed, it can feel as if there is no emotional connection of any kind. It includes when we are intensely engaged and deeply committed, and look forward to a particular client’s next session. And also the moments of dread, or the lifeless, dragging client session when time just crawls.

What does all this mean? And how can we make use of it for the benefit of our clients? How can we shed some light on this bewildering emotional process? We will explore, in depth and detail, the range and variety of our countertransference experiences with our clients. We will draw upon how therapeutic practitioners, writers and others have tried to make sense of this most common of interactions between ourselves and our clients.


Judith Fewell practiced as a counsellor and psychoanalytic psychotherapist and supervisor for thirty five years. During this time she developed and taught on the postgraduate Certificate and Diploma in Counselling at the University of Edinburgh and supervised MA and PhD students. She has been on the Board of PF Counselling Service for eight years, and also served on the Board of Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland. Since retiring from practice and teaching, Judith has continued to offer supervision to colleagues and CPD workshops. She has a special interest in the meanings of storytelling and its implications for therapeutic practices especially as these relate to women’s experiences.

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