Recovery and Positive Growth following Trauma

Recovery and Positive Growth following Trauma

24 February 2013
9.30 am - 4.30 pm

Craig Hutchison, Teaching Fellow in Counselling and Psychotherapy, University of Edinburgh

Trauma is central to the work of counsellors and psychotherapists, being both a key presenting issue in itself and an underlying factor for many clients’ distress. However, while the adverse effects are well-documented (e.g. PTSD, dissociation), the processes of recovery from trauma and of positive growth following traumatic events are less well understood.

In this workshop we will critically examine existing theories of trauma and vicarious traumatisation and will consider recent findings on recovery and positive growth following traumatic events. The workshop will be very interactive, involving discussion and reflection in small and larger groups.

Participants will be invited to examine their own understanding of traumatisation, will be introduced to some contemporary ideas on trauma, recovery and post-traumatic growth, and will be facilitated to consider the ways they could support survivors of trauma in their own work.