Money can’t buy me love…

Money can’t buy me love…

17 October 2014
2.00 pm - 5.00 pm

Karen Rookwood and Colin White

A workshop for practising and trainee therapists and counsellors of all modalities

The theme of money and the exchange of money is always present and alive in therapy – in the life story of the client and, more particularly, in the relationship between client and therapist. It arises at the very beginning of the work, in the negotiation of a working contract and the agreement of fees – even if the client isn’t paying. And it will remain alive throughout the course of the therapy, whether or not it is made explicit. By definition, money is a symbol, always representing something more than what it is. Both client and therapist will bring to their working relationship their own beliefs, attitudes and meanings concerning money.

In this workshop we will explore your relationship to the subject of money, and look at some of the related challenges that arise in your work.

Specially negotiated PF rate – £25 per person

Non-PF Counsellors – £35 per person

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