Joy in Counselling & Psychotherapy

Joy in Counselling & Psychotherapy

16 September 2018
10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Facilitated by Kirsteen Greenholm

Experiences on the continuum of joy tend to be under-attended-to in counselling and psychotherapy, which have traditionally focused on relieving distress. For many counsellors and therapists, bringing attention to experiences of joy doesn’t feel like ‘real work’ and practitioners can find themselves unsure of optimal ways to work with joy.

What enables us to experience joy? What is the embodied relational experience of joy? How do we support the experience and expression of joy, for our clients and for ourselves? What is the value of this? When is this deflective or lacking in relational depth? Please come along to this mainly experiential workshop to explore these questions in relation to your personal history and your therapeutic work. You are welcome whatever your relationship with joy may be, and however much/little joy you may be feeling.

‘Suffering is not enough.’ (Thich Nhat Hanh, 1987)

£20 booking fee – Exclusive to PF Counsellors

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