Assessment Skills

Assessment Skills

02 December 2013
12.30 pm - 3.30 pm

Angie Fee, Facilitator

Booking Fee: £10

This forum is for counsellors who are interested in learning more about assessment skills, whether it be for your own use in private practice , because you are interested in becoming an Assessment  Counsellor at the PF, or to gain a more general understanding of the  role of continuous assessment with clients.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide a space where you can discuss the  philosophy and purpose of the kind of assessment the PF provides, alongside introducing some basic assessment skills training.

We will explore the subjective and objective function of assessment,  and the criteria we will be using. We are not just assessing our clients but continuously need to be assessing our own strengths and  limitations.

Assessment Counsellors will be required to have a basic knowledge of assessment skills and to be able to recognise and differentiate between mild and moderate neurotic conditions and severe psychological disturbance.   The assessors’ task may include deciding which kind of counselling is best suited for the client – or even whether counselling is indicated at all.

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