Encountering The Dream

Encountering The Dream

22 April 2018
10.30 am - 4.30 pm

Christina McDonald, Facilitator

This will be a day of reflection and inner enquiry, bearing witness to our individual inner world, processing what we discover and sharing our enquiry with fellow travellers.

Dreams communicate from the unconscious, carrying information about our inner world.  The dream completes our personal landscape – outer plus inner.  With awareness we can become more in touch with our dreams, develop our relationship with them.  This enhances consciousness.  It rounds out our totality of being; grounds us more fully in who we truly are; roots us in the deeper layers of our being and in many further layers of family, tribe and collective; considers death and re-birth in the rhythms of nature, addresses the purpose in our life.

Participants to bring dreams, plus notebook/writing and drawing materials/ relaxed clothing and perhaps a rug/preparedness for experiential work.

Booking Fee: £20 – Exclusive to PF Counsellors

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