Consciousness from the Beginnings of Life

Consciousness from the Beginnings of Life

13 October 2019
9.30 am - 4.30 pm

Facilitated by Keith Evans 

For decades, much of our earliest life experiences have been in shadow: our society – and our profession – has paid little regard to the wider holding field of our life before we were conceived and throughout our journey through the wombs of our mothers into the world. But in the last forty years, western science has started to catch up with what many have known all along – our experiences as humans begin before we are conceived, and our womb and immediate post-natal life shapes our personalities, defensive patterning systems and being-in-relationship modalities.

Core Process psychotherapist and pre- and perinatal educator Keith Evans will present some of the concepts, belief systems and evidence behind our pre- and perinatal psychologies.

The day will cover:

  • safety, self-care and pausing
  • basic pre- and perinatal foundations and concepts
  • neuroscience and epigenetics
  • labour and birth
  • attachment, parenting and the wider cultural impacts.

The seminar will include presentation, discussion, and explanations of Keith’s own experiential investigations into his early life. If time, space and the holding field allow, a demo session of a womb regression may be held.


£20 booking fee

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