Art Journalling

Art Journalling

07 June 2015
10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Facilitated by Tessa Wyatt

Art journalling is a form of expression that uses mixed media to explore and reflect visually upon experience. The process can take the form of visual diaries: collections of random thoughts and sketches, and more organised pages, that can help work through feelings and memories. It is a way of, and a way into, understanding what is happening – or what has happened – allowing us to ask questions about time and place and to record responses.

In art journalling we produce pages that are personal to us through paint, collage and simple printing techniques and through utilising a range of materials such as magazines, bubble wrap and found objects.  It is a forgiving process that allows us to layer, sand, wash or cover up ‘mistakes’, and to disguise or reveal.

Tessa Wyatt is a visual artist who has taught art for many years and has lots of ideas and examples of journalling that will be available for you to look at on the day – she will also demonstrate some wet techniques and provide backgrounds for those who have a fear of the white page.

£10 Booking Fee

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