PF Online Sessions

PF Online Sessions

Welcome to the PF Counselling online meeting area.  Please read the notes below if you are new to the Attend Anywhere online meeting platform.

Click this button to enter your Online Session and wait for your counsellor:
(You should just enter your First Name and Initial of your surname, when prompted. You should not enter your date of birth or phone number.) 

PF and Attend Anywhere

The PF Online meeting area is provided free of charge with the support of the NHS.  However, it is an independent platform and does not mean that the sessions are linked to NHS services in any other way.  It uses the same technology as Near Me, and you may find some features that reflect this.

Download and Read our Client Leaflet

AA Client Leaflet

Our Client Leaflet describes how to attend your counselling appointment via video using Attend Anywhere.  Click here or on the image to the left to download the PDF leaflet.

We also have Client Guidelines which you should read if you have not attended a professional confidential session (such as a therapist or doctor’s appointment) before.

If you use your phone to connect to Attend Anywhere, you might want to put it in ‘do not disturb’ mode (or flight mode as long as you are using wifi) as incoming calls can disrupt the session.

If in doubt, please call the PF Office for advice.

How to Make an Attend Anywhere Call

Step 1

Make sure you are using the right browser (such as Chrome for PC or Safari for Mac). Click the “Start video call” button above.

Start Video Call
Step 2

The system checks you have everything in place to make the call. All calls involve an internet check. The system checks you have a speaker, microphone and video: on some devices this is automated, or you may be asked to click “continue” or “yes”. If asked, allow access to your microphone and video:

Call Check
Step 3

Enter your First Name and only the Initial of your Surname when asked.  You don’t need to enter your date of birth or phone number.  Tick the small box to agree the terms and conditions.  Read the information displayed and click “Start call”:

Your Details

Then wait for your counsellor to join your session

You will be held in a private waiting room until your counsellor joins you.  Once you have connected, the sessions is private and secure.

If you experience any image or sound issues during the call, click the green “refresh” button in the top right of the screen.

To end the call, click the red “end” button.

Help for Clients with Call Problems

If you are having trouble with your Attend Anywhere calls, please see our Troubleshooting Guide by clicking here.

More About Attend Anywhere

If you have difficulty connecting via Attend Anywhere, please download our Troubleshooting Guide for further information about hardware and software requirements.

You can find out more about making Attend Anywhere calls here: