Thank You

Thank You!

Thank You!

Thank you for donating to the PF.

Your contribution is really appreciated and will help us provide more counselling for people in Edinburgh.

The PF Counselling Service is dependent on cash donations, large and small, from individuals and organisations. 

Add Gift Aid

Now Please Gift Aid it!

You can add 25% more to the amount you have just donated – without it costing you a penny – as long as you are a UK tax payer.

If you have not already given us a Gift Aid Declaration (such as when you became a client at the PF), please click here (or on the ‘giftaid it’ image) and fill out our Gift Aid Declaration as soon as possible.

You can find out more about Gift Aid on our Gift Aid page.

How we use your donation

Counselling at the PF is always offered on the basis of voluntary donations by the client, according to their own assessment of what they find affordable. Our aim is to provide high quality, professional counselling which is available to all members of the community regardless of ability to pay.

Download Our Giving Guide

If you would like to find out ore about how you could support the PF, you can download a PDF document giving further information by clicking here.