Counsellor Admin

I’ve lost my cabinet key, what should I do?

The locked cabinet is an important part of our data security and commitment to client confidentiality, so losing your key is a serious matter.  Please try to find or retrieve your key if possible.  If not, the office can issue you a second key If your original key turns up please return it to the office immediately. 

What are the details of the PF’s Insurance Cover?

The PF provides £1m of Professional Indemnity insurance cover for all counsellors carrying out counselling as part of the PF Counselling Service, whether on the premises or elsewhere, and including working remotely.  Full details of the Keegan & Pennykid ‘Encompass’ policy can be found under Useful Documents in the Counsellors area of our website. 

How much supervision am I entitled to?

The number of hours of supervision paid for by the PF depends on the number of clients you have.  It usually works out at around 20 minutes per client for monthly 1:1 supervision.  Group Supervision can be in addition to this, but is subject to availability of a group space.  Full details can be found in the Induction Portfolio in the Counsellors area of our website.