PF Young Adults Counselling

PF Young Adults Service

The PF Young Adults counselling service (PFYA) is an extension of our core counselling service, specifically for young adults aged 18 to 25 years old.  

The key things you need to know about the PFYA service are:

  • all counselling appointments are on a Saturday.  It is important that you are able to attend regular weekly sessions every Saturday at the time agreed.
  • the counselling is offered on the basis of 12 sessions initially, which may be extended up to a total of one year.
  • the counsellors who work with the Young Adults are all part of the team of experienced, professional counsellors who also work on a voluntary basis within the PF core service, but are paid a session fee for PFYA work.

Requesting an Appointment

If you would like to access the PF Young Adults service, simply submit a Counselling Request form in the normal way, but make sure you indicate your interest and give us your date of birth.

Clients interested in the Young Adult counselling service will be offered an Initial Appointment, on a Saturday or during the week if possible.  Your availability and applicability for the Saturday service will be discussed in full at this appointment.

Waiting Lists

There will usually be a short wait for an Initial Appointment, and then again before regular counselling can begin. However, we hope to be able to keep this as short as possible.

Counselling Outcomes Evaluation

As part of participating in counselling with the Young Adults service, clients will be asked to complete regular Outcomes Evaluation questionnaires.  These can be useful to you and your counsellor in discussing your progress, and also help the PF to improve what we do.