In-Person & Remote Counselling

The legal requirement to wear face coverings in shops, hospitality venues and on public transport in Scotland ended on 18 April.  We can therefore no longer ‘require’ the wearing of face coverings, but we continue to encourage this for as long as there are still high levels of covid-19 infections across the city.

We are therefore not changing our guidance and will continue to ask all clients, counsellors and visitors to wear face coverings on arrival and until they are in the counselling rooms. At that point they can be removed as long as everyone agrees to this.

We have been operating this guidance successfully for nearly 18 months now, and we are not aware of the PF ever having been cited as the cause of any covid-19 cross-infection.  With your help, that will hopefully continue!

We also advise all clients and counsellors to take a Lateral Flow Test before travelling to the premises.  Remote sessions are available to avoid the risk of transmitting Covid-19. 

There are detailed considerations for everyone attending in-person sessions, which are aimed at keeping everyone safe from coronavirus. These are communicated ahead of any attendance and can also be viewed here.

Client Cancellations

If you have an an appointment set up for a remote session, please continue to notify us by email if you need to cancel. You can also telephone if necessary as our office is staffed during our normal opening hours. There is a voicemail service where you can leave a message outside these times.